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What Kind of Toothpaste Do You Recommend?

I got some good life advice from my dentist a few years ago. I didn’t realize it at the time but thinking back on it now it applies to so much more than my dental health.
I asked him, “what type of toothpaste do you recommend using?” He said, “doesn’t matter, whichever one you like the taste of best.”  I was expecting to hear an answer specifying a name brand with some sort of tartar control with extra fluoride and extra whitening.  When I asked “why”, his reasoning was that I’d be more likely to brush my teeth 2x a day if I liked the way my mouth tasted/felt. He also mentioned that most toothpastes have such similar ingredients that it really didn’t make a difference of one versus another; what makes the real difference is brushing your teeth versus not brushing your teeth. 

What reminded me of this dental conversation, was a conversation I had with my husband when we got home from a nice long weekend vacation. I said how much I enjoyed relaxing and reading a book, and he agreed and said he read way more because he finally started reading a book he was actually interested in and not something he felt like he should read. 

The very simple moral of the story is, stick to the things you’re interested in or like better because you’ll actually be way more likely to do it. Life is short and there’s not enough time for everything so remove the word should and use your rare and special free time on something you like. You’d like to read more? Cool, instead of forcing yourself to read a new subject to broaden your horizon because you think you should, read something you’ll actually get through. Yeah, maybe you could have become more “well read”, but what’s the bigger priority for you? Need to exercise more? Yeah maybe you “should” try yoga because you hear it’s great for your health, but you know you love biking and miss biking.  I bet you’ll be a lot less likely to miss a workout out if it’s something you actually enjoy.
Hey guys, this is just food for thought and not a rule to live by. This concept certainly doesn’t apply to everything in life. Cuz life is a paradox, right? I recommend eating something you don’t enjoy sometimes if it’s healthy for you, I recommend showing up to work when you may not be enjoying every moment of it. If you have a really specific goal that you’re working toward, you are going to have to push yourself to do things that you don’t enjoy in order to reach that goal.  The idea is, do/use/eat what you’ll be more willing to do/use/eat even if it’s not the “best” one if it helps you get to the greater overall result. 

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