IMG_0212You can change. You can be whoever you want, do whatever you want. I’ve been fascinated by body building because I discovered that with consistency and focus, I can look the way I want. I learned that people who’s bodies that I was jealous of worked their asses off for it; but I could too.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO CHANGE? 1. Figure out what it is you want. Don’t be a afraid of this. Make a goal or goals based on what you desire. 2. CONSISTENCY. It took me two + years to get that ass after losing some initial weight! 3. Hire a professional for help. We all need help. Especially when it’s something new. Or at the very least, do your research and find out how other people achieved what it is you want. 4. Get uncomfortable. You’ll be working outside of your comfort zone. 5. BELIEF/FAITH/CONFIDENCE: You have to believe that you can have it, reach it, do it, or be it.Before and After