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Forget the Rules and Play by Your Heart

March 15, 2015
IMG_0209The largest part of my health and happiness came from just that; forgetting the rules and playing by my heart. I’m pretty sure your heart and your gut are one in the same. When you don’t listen to it you become stressed, overwhelmed, sick, and unhappy. Living by the rules and the “should’s” seems like the right thing to do, but rules and “should’s” are someone else’s ideas of happiness; not yours. Finding your own inner peace and happiness involves removing others’ opinions and judgements and having the courage to follow what feels right in your heart, your head, and your gut. You will disappoint people. People will have expectations of what you should do and what is “right”, but those that love you will eventually accept the rules that you create in your life. That’s not to say we can’t learn from other’s opinions and use them as teaching tools, but when it comes down to it, playing by your heart and your own rules is is the way to personal freedom and happiness. #chocolate inspiration.


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