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Don’t Be Afraid to Do Yourself in 2015

January 12, 2015

IMG_0216You can interpret that any way you like. But here’s what I really mean…

Your challenge in 2015 is to take the time out of every day to do something for you, that make you, YOU.  (or at a minimum, once a week.)


So here’s a pic of me, 1/6/2015 (six days ago) after getting my hair done.  Some of you think I get my beautiful blonde hair from my Dad.  Those of you who know me know IT’S FAKE.  But, I love it.  I had light hair when I was little, but the 50% Italian in me quickly took over and my hair got darker, year-by-year.  Where am I going with this? …image

I used to live by “should’s”, and thought, “I shouldn’t get my hair highlighted… it should be natural.  I don’t want people to think I’m fake.”  First, that’s stupid.  Second, if I went au natural all the time then I’d have stinky hairy armpits and dark circles under my eyes.  I had to force myself to get over that and now I LOVE the way that my “fake” hair looks. It just feels like me.

Sometimes, as simple as it is, we have to just do what makes us feel good and what makes us feel like ourselves.  How often to we just ignore our instincts of who we want to be? Usually it’s our own fear that holds us back.   Sometime’s it is someone else’s opinion.

What makes you feel like YOU?

What do you imagine yourself doing when your mind is wandering off into space?

My challenge for you this year is to take time out of every single day  (or at least once a week!) to do something that feels like you.  We too often get so caught up in life, in work, in school, that we forget to do take care of ourselves and feed our inner minds and bodies for the things that make us feel like individuals.  We lose our identities when work becomes our life, or when we bend to someone else’s rules.

Follow your instincts.  Go back to the basics.  Listen to your intuition. Listen to your body.  Embrace and be proud of the things that get you excited.  It doesn’t matter if it’s not “cool”, if it’s super nerdy, or even if what you want to do changes every day.   You’re unique and you’re awesome.

What am I going to do in 2015?

Fantastic question, thank you for asking! To start, I will answer the question “what do you imagine yourself doing when your mind is wandering off into space?”… I am either:

  • swinging around like a monkey from tree to tree or from some sort of obstacle to to the next
  • doing flips and handstands
  • dancing
  • climbing things or
  • flying (not in an airplane, but like superman)

I guess I’m just closely related to our ape ancestors.

I’ve always felt this way.  I even did gymnastics when I was a kid.  I quit.  I’m not 100% sure why I quit, but my best guess is that fear held me back.  I do remember being scared of falling off the balance beam.  But that instinct of being a monkey or a gymnast has never gone away.  My twenties have consisted of me slowly chipping away the pieces that cover up the person I want to be.  I didn’t like the way I looked, so I got determined to get into shape.  Now I’m finally facing my fears and confronting my natural instincts and desires. This year I’m going to start doing the things that deep down in my gut makes me feel like me.

So far in 2015, I have started:

Do I sometimes get scared out of my mind? Yes.  But I want to get over that fear so badly.

Now I’ve told you.  Now I will be held accountable.




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